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Consulting Solutions to Help Your Business Deal with COVID-19

With the outbreak of COVID-19, businesses and organizations across the nation are faced with significant and ever-changing challenges. Our communities, governments, learning institutions, and the businesses we rely on day in and day out, face unprecedented circumstances. The long-term effects, and costs, to our institutions and the economic repercussions to businesses and financial systems is yet to be fully determined. Dr. Ravina Kullar is available as a consultant and advisor to guide businesses to reopen their doors in a safe way. She will provide written recommendations for the workplace and tailor recommendations per each specific business’ needs. Dr. Kullar will advise your staff on safely returning back to work with the COVID-19 pandemic still in existence.


Proactive Solutions Mitigating the Risk to Businesses and Employees

Each business faces their own unique responsibilities when it comes to providing the highest level of safety and security for both employees and customers. Is it safe to reopen your business? What recommendations should be followed? What happens if a worker tests positive?

Dr. Kullar will layout precise recommendations for your business on an ongoing basis, serve as a consultant and advisor, and oversee a safe reopening of the workplace keeping CDC guidelines in mind. You will also receive education on COVID-19 testing protocols, different testing methods, “personal contact” rules, guideline-conforming cleaning protocols, and safety floor plan recommendations.

"We really need to have wide-scale testing available, and contact tracing to find everyone who has been exposed."

Ravina KullarPharmD, MPH, FIDSA

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